How to Program a Jumbo Universal Remote to Pacific TV

Written by matthew fortuna | 13/05/2017
How to Program a Jumbo Universal Remote to Pacific TV
Jumbo Remotes can program to a selection of televisions (old television image by inacio pires from

Whether it serves as a novelty item or a tool for the visually impaired, the Jumbo Universal Remote is a practical tool for use with any of a number of televisions. The remote allows those with unsteady fingers access to easier-to-push buttons and can be programmed to your Pacific brand television. Using only the remote and your TV, you can program the device to control your channels, volume and menu within minutes.

Turn on your Pacific television and have your Jumbo Remote in hand.

Find the code for Pacific televisions in your remote control guide.

Aim your Jumbo Remote at the television and press and hold the "Code Search" button on the remote until the red indicator light turns on and stays lit.

Press the "TV" button on your remote.

Enter a three-digit code for your Pacific television using the remote's keypad and wait for the red indcator light to turn off.

Press the "On/Off" button on your remote until the television turns off and your programming will be complete.

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