How to Restore an eMachine Computer to the Factory Settings

Updated April 17, 2017

When your computer is suffering from problems such as operating system crashes or virus infections it may be time to throw in the towel and restore the system back to factory condition. Normally you would need to use a recovery disc and go through a complicated restore process to reinstall your operating system. The eMachine line of computers includes a recovery prompt that you can quickly access directly from your operating system's Start menu.

Connect a USB storage device to your eMachine computer or insert a rewritable disc into the optical drive. Bring up the Start menu and navigate to the "All Programs" folder.

Click the "Maintenance" folder and then choose "Backup and Restore." Select the option labelled "Backup." Go through the prompts on the screen to back up the data you want to keep from your eMachine's hard drive to the storage device.

Remove the storage device and disconnect any peripheral devices that are hooked up to your eMachines computer, such as a network cable or printer. Return to the Start menu and open "All Programs" again.

Click "eMachines" to open the Recovery Management program. Navigate to the "Restore" tab.

Click the "Restore System to Factory Default" button and then select "Next." Follow the remaining prompts on the screen to format the current hard drive partition.

Follow the instructions to set up a new user profile for your operating system and to set up your Internet connection and to set the time zone.


Restoring an eMachine computer to its factory settings will wipe out all of the folders and programs you have saved on your hard drive. Anything that isn't backed up to an external source will be permanently lost.

Things You'll Need

  • Storage device
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