How to keep an Easy Set pool clean without chlorine

Chlorine and bromine are harsh chemicals often used to keep municipal pools clean. While you may not want to use these chemicals on a small pool for your kids, you may be unsure how else to keep it clean. You can sanitise your pool without using chlorine. Keeping the water clear of organic debris like leaves and insects is important, so that bacteria and fungus can't feed. Cover your pool when not in use to help you even further.

Run the filter that came with your Easy Set pool before and after each use.

Skim the pool with your skimmer or pool net, removing any insects or debris.

Scrub the sides of the pool frequently to remove any algae or scum.

Use a pool vacuum to remove the debris as well as any solids on the bottom of the pool.

Test your pool water's pH frequently. Add 1.36 kg (3 lb) of baking soda per 45, 500 litres (10,000) gallons of water, if the pH is less than 7.2. If it's between 7.2 and 7.5, add 0.907 kg (2 lb). Don't add any baking soda if the pH is above 7.5. Baking soda neutralises acid and helps clear pool water.

Add 237 ml (1 cup) of food-grade 35 per cent hydrogen peroxide per 2,273 litres (500 gallons) of water to your pool. Peroxide attacks algae, fungus and bacteria to keep your pool clean.

Things You'll Need

  • Pool vacuum
  • Pool test kit
  • Baking soda
  • Food-grade hydrogen peroxide
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