How to Troubleshoot a Maytag Electric Wall Oven

Updated March 23, 2017

Maytag appliances have a great reputation for reliability, but even the best electric wall oven can break down over time. Before you call a repairman out to your home, troubleshoot the problem to see if you can fix it for less money. If your Maytag electric oven displays an error code, you can look it up in your owner's manual to narrow down the problem without disassembling the oven.

Examine the display on your oven's control panel. If it is not lit, the oven may not be getting power from the home. Reset the breaker switch or replace the fuse, if necessary. Check the oven's display if your oven has a self-cleaning mode. If the oven is in the middle of a self-cleaning cycle, it cannot be opened because of the high heat inside.

Look at the oven's two heating elements if you are having problems with food not being cooked all the way through. The bake element is on the bottom of the oven and the broil element is on the top. If either one of these pieces is not glowing red when the oven is in use, replace it with a new element.

Open the door and look inside the oven to find the thermal bulb. If it is broken or has become dislodged from its position, the oven may not be able to hold your desired temperature.

Test the thermostat by placing an oven thermometer on one of the baking racks and setting the oven to bake at 176 degrees Cor 30 minutes. If the temperature is more than -3.89 degrees C higher or lower than 176 degrees C, the thermostat needs to be recalibrated or replaced. Check the owner's manual for calibration instructions. The thermostat can be calibrated from the display for most newer ovens. For an older oven or one without a display screen, there is usually a screw and calibration dial inside the control panel.

Inspect the seal between the door and the rest of the oven unit if you are having problems with the outside of the oven getting too hot as it bakes. There could also be gaps between the door and oven if the hinges are bent. For slight bends, you may be able to remove the hinge, straighten it and reattach it. If the hinge is severely bent, remove it and replace it with a new hinge.


Shut off the oven's power from the breaker switch before attempting to remove or replace any defective parts.

Things You'll Need

  • Owner's manual
  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement parts (as needed)
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