How to Replace the Fuel Line on a Ryobi String Trimmer

Updated February 21, 2017

The fuel line on a Ryobi trimmer distributes gas from the tank to the carburettor. This small line can easily get kinked, ripped or clogged with old gas deposits. Keeping this line clear and clean will solve many minor engine problems. These lines wear out usually due to improper long-term trimmer storage. This can lead to more serious problems in the carburettor, crankcase and crankshaft, which are much more expensive and difficult to replace.

Remove any old fuel in the tank by pouring it out or running the trimmer until it shuts off to clear any fuel in the carburettor.

Set the choke to the half-open setting. You can't remove the air filter/muffler cover if the choke isn't set. Use the screwdriver to remove the four screws holding the cover in place. Pull off the air filter/muffler cover. Remove the air filter and wash it in soapy water.

Locate the fuel line on the carburettor. Most gas Ryobi trimmers use a primer bulb also, so there will be two lines connected to the carburettor. Use the needle nosed pliers to remove only the fuel line that runs to the gas tank. This line will be the uppermost line and will be the longer of the two.

Remove the gas cap. Pull out the fuel filter and fuel line through the gas tank with the needle nosed pliers. Discard both of these.

Cut off about 7 inches of new line. Cut one end at 45-degree taper. Lightly coat the outside with a little engine oil, so the line will slide easier through the tank.

Insert the metal wire into the other end of the fuel line. Push the wire and fuel line in through the hole at the bottom of the tank. Keep pushing the line until you can see it poke out near the carburettor. Pull it close to the carburettor's nozzle but don't hook it up yet.

Snip off any remaining line inside the tank. For the best results, leave 1 to 2 inches of line in the tank so the engine will still get gas if it's tipped over. Insert the new fuel filter's nozzle into the fuel line. Set them down in the tank.

Connect the fuel line to the upper nozzle on the carburettor. Fill the tank with freshly mixed gas.


It is recommended to change your fuel filter every timer you change your fuel line. You should change the fuel line on at least a seasonal basis.

Things You'll Need

  • Needle nosed pliers
  • Scissors
  • Metal wire (baling wire or coat hanger)
  • Properly sized fuel line
  • New fuel filter
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