How to Break a Car Window

Updated February 21, 2017

Car manufacturers make car windows out of strong, tempered glass. The glass of a car window is very difficult to break, which can put you in a life-threatening situation if you find yourself trapped in the car after an accident or during flooding. Breaking the window of a car requires a window-shattering tool, or another sharp object aimed at a specific spot on the window.

Purchase a window-shattering hammer. These hammers have a pointed, reinforced steel tip specifically designed to shatter tempered glass windows.

Strike the window with the hammer in any spot to break it.

If you don't have the special hammer, look around your car for a metal flashlight, screwdriver, knife or any other heavy object with a sharp edge.

Strike the upper corner of the window with the sharp edge as hard as you can. The concentrated force of the sharp edge on the weaker point of the window should break it.


Do not try to kick out a car window with your boots. You will bend the door frame before you break the glass.

Things You'll Need

  • Window-shattering hammer
  • Metal flashlight or screwdriver
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