How to fold paper money into a heart

Updated November 21, 2016

Money origami, or folding paper money, is a creative way to give money as a tip, gift or just pass the time during an unexpected delay. Most people don’t carry around origami paper, but they usually have a dollar bill or two tucked in their pocket or purse. A simple way to get started is learning how to fold paper money into a heart, a special way to give cash for birthdays or weddings.

Lay the bill on a flat surface and use your hand to flatten any creases.

Fold the bill in half, creating a sharp crease on the fold by running your fingernail along it.

Fold the bill in half again, and run your fingernail along the second crease, pressing firmly.

Fold the bill around to form a loop and insert one end of the paper money into the other end about one-third of an inch to hold the loop in place.

Fold the bill tightly in the middle of the overlap. Press as hard as you can to form the crease and keep the emerging heart together.

Close the loop and firmly fold the end opposite the overlap into a sharp crease. Reverse the fold and push in slightly to form the heart shape. Create a small quartering fold at the tip to hold the point in place, and another at the point at the bottom of the paper money heart.

Adjust the folded bill until it looks like a heart.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean, crisp bill in any denomination
  • Hard surface
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