How to tie a toga for men

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether you are preparing for a theme party or a Greek class presentation, a toga will add authenticity to the event. For men the method of tying a toga may seem confusing but takes very little time and when done properly holds up well for many hours. To further complement this Greek clothing, try adding gladiator sandals and a laurel wreath for your head. To better preserve modesty you may wear shorts and a shirt underneath your toga, lest it come undone.

Wrap the sheet horizontally around your waist once or twice. Depending on how sheer the fabric is you may wish to wrap it twice.

Pin the sheet at the waist, so that it will not come undone.

Take the remaining length of the sheet and toss it over one shoulder.

Bring the remaining fabric back to the waist and pin it in place s that the section that falls over the shoulder will not come undone.

Pin any remaining loose bits of sheet to the body so that the toga looks neat on the body.

Things You'll Need

  • Long sheet or fabric (long enough for your body)
  • Safety pins
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