How to Copy From a VHS Tape to a DVD Using SCART

Updated March 23, 2017

SCART is a type of audio/video connection commonly used in Europe with a variety of electronic devices including televisions, VCRs and cable receiver boxes. It uses a rectangular 21-pin connector that is a bit of a forerunner to the HDMI connector used in the United States with HDTVs and related components. Though VCRs with a SCART connection are likely to only be found in Europe, with the right adaptor they can connect to a DVD recorder to transfer VHS video to DVD.

Purchase a SCART to composite RCA (and S-video, if you choose) adaptor cable. However, if your DVD recorder also has a SCART input, a straight SCART cable will be sufficient without using an adaptor.

Connect the adaptor to the SCART output on the back of the VCR.

Connect a composite RCA cable (three-pronged--red and white for audio, yellow for video) from the adaptor to an input on the DVD recorder. Some adaptors may also offer an S-video connector which will provide higher-quality video than the yellow portion of the RCA cable; use this for the video if you choose.

Insert a recordable DVD into the DVD recorder and the VHS tape you wish to transfer into the VCR. Cue the tape to the point from which you want the recording to begin.

Press "Record" on the DVD recorder and press "Play" on the VCR. Monitor the progress on the TV and press "Stop" on both devices when you want recording to stop.

Things You'll Need

  • SCART to composite RCA/S-video adaptor
  • Composite RCA cable, with optional S-video cable
  • Blank recordable DVDs
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