How to Make a Monkey Costume for Children

Updated July 20, 2017

Kid’s love monkeys and they love pretending to be monkeys, so it is no surprise that monkey costumes are popular for Halloween. If your child wants to monkey around this Halloween you can whip up a costume using a couple of inexpensive items and things you have around the house.

Begin with a brown sweat suit. Any sweat suit will work but fleece will give you a slightly furry, more realistic look.

Cut an oval the size of the front of the sweat shirt from tan felt and glue it to the front of the shirt.

Roll the piece of brown felt into a tube and sew it together. Sew it to the back of the sweat pants.

Draw and cut out monkey ears from cardboard.

Trim a piece of pink felt into the shape of the cardboard ear and glue it to one side of the cardboard. Repeat for the other ear.

Glue brown felt to other side of cardboard ears and trim about an inch larger. Fold excess over to the pink side and glue it down.

Glue the ears to the sides of the brown ski mask.

Tie the end of the tail loosely to the left wrist with piece of yarn. This will prevent the child from tripping over the tail.

Have the child wear black gloves and black socks.

Things You'll Need

  • Brown sweat suit
  • Black socks
  • Black gloves
  • Brown ski mask
  • 10”x12” piece of cardboard
  • 10”x24” piece of brown felt
  • 10”x12” piece of pink felt
  • Piece of tan felt as big as the front of sweat shirt
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • 6”x24” piece of brown cloth
  • Needle and thread
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