How to Get Rid of Field Rats in Your House

Updated February 21, 2017

Domestic rats can make excellent pets, but having field rats in your home can be a real problem. Wild rats can carry diseases, and they can also wreak havoc in your home as they chew their way through your possessions, your furniture and even your electrical wires. If you spot signs of an infestation in your home, you need to take action immediately.

Examine the exterior of your home for holes or gaps where the field rats could be entering your home. Rats can slip through the smallest of cracks, so be sure to seal up any possible entrances you find.

Take a close look at your food hygiene around the home. Field rats will naturally be attracted to the smell of food, and even the smallest crumbs can be enough to entice them into your home. Place all your unwashed dishes in the dishwasher, or wash them before you go to bed. Store any uneaten food in airtight plastic containers and make sure all drawers are tightly closed.

Plug ultrasonic pest repellents into the electrical sockets in each room of your home. Use two or three repellent units for large rooms. These ultrasonic systems emit a noise that drives rats and mice crazy, without affecting humans or pets. The only caveat is that these units should not be used if you own pets like hamsters, mice or pet rats.

Set rat traps in the areas where you have noticed droppings, chewed items and other signs of infestation. Check the traps on a daily basis, and continue setting new traps until no more rats are caught.

Things You'll Need

  • Ultrasonic pest repellents
  • Rat traps
  • Flashlight


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