How to Open a Suitcase Lock

Updated February 21, 2017

When you are preparing for a trip, one of the challenges to packing your bags is opening your suitcase lock. Some suitcase locks contain dial combinations; others utilise keys. Once you get the suitcase open, you can then pack your bag and travel to your destination. Opening a suitcase lock requires the combination or key, a steady hand and some concentration.

Lay the suitcase flat on a bed or table with good lighting so you can see the lock.

Slide the suitcase key gently into the suitcase lock keyhole. A suitcase key is typically only a couple of inches long and can be tricky to get into the keyhole. On a standard suitcase, you push the key into the keyhole with the teeth of the key facing downward. Turn the key clockwise to unlock the suitcase.

Roll the dials on the suitcase combination lock to match the digits in the combination. The first wheel on the lock is for the first digit in the combination; the second wheel is for the second digit and so on. On most combination suitcase locks, a line on the lock indicates where the digits to the combination should line up. Make sure all the numbers line up properly.

Move the buttons that release the locks on the suitcase. Typically there are two buttons, one on each side of the top of the luggage bag. Gently move the buttons on the locks to the side. Suitcase lock buttons are designed so that you should push them outward toward the ends of the suitcase. The locks of the suitcase then unlock. Some keyhole suitcase locks do not have these buttons; the locks open on their own when you turn the key.

Things You'll Need

  • Suitcase lock combination
  • Key
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