How to Make an Invisible Trellis

Updated November 21, 2016

If you have climbing flowers or veggies in your garden and you want them to grow against your home without the need of a heavy wooden trellis, then an invisible trellis is what you need. Invisible trellises, made of fishing line or heavy gauge wire, can be strung against a brick or wood wall without too much hassle. With an invisible trellis, your focus is on the plants themselves, and not the bulky trellis holding up the plants. If you have a climbing plant with a scraggly appearance, because it is merely moving across the lawn instead of climbing up, as it should be, this plant is a good candidate for a trellis. Most heavy plants and all lighter plants can be held up using fishing line.

Plan out a pattern for your trellis. If you want your trellis to fan out at the top, then you will only need one eye hook at the bottom of the wall and several at the top. If you want intersecting lines, you will need to be sure to insert eye hooks to the left and right of the wall as well as the top and bottom.

Using a pencil or washable marker, place a dot where each eye hook will go. Use a tape measure to be sure your eye hooks are at the same height as one another, and the same distance across. Space the lines 16 inches apart.

Insert the eye hooks by screwing them into the wall using your hand. If you are inserting eye hooks into a brick or stone wall you will need to drill holes for the eye hooks using your masonry drill.

Cut the fishing line to the length you need using your scissors, and insert it into the bottom eye hook, first. Tie the fishing line onto the eye hook using a knot. Pull the string up to the top eye hook and connect the string to the eye hook using another knot. Repeat this step until all the fishing line has been connected to the eye hooks.

Wrap a few vines from your plant around the trellis to give it a head start. In a few weeks, your plant will be climbing up the trellis wall.

Things You'll Need

  • Fishing line
  • Eye hooks
  • Masonry drill
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil or washable marker
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