How to fill out a car title when selling

Written by jamie lisse | 13/05/2017
How to fill out a car title when selling
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When you sell a vehicle to someone, the bill of sale and the car title are given to the buyer. Before giving over the car title to the new owner, you have to fill out the title. Filling out the car title serves as an official transfer of ownership from the current owner to a new owner. It is important for the title to be filled out properly as the buyer uses the title to get the car registered in his name.

Flip over the car title to view the areas that need to be filled out when the car is sold.

Enter in the name and address of both the seller and the new buyer in the appropriately labelled fields.

Include the odometer reading from the car on the sell date if there is a space for it. Not all states require an odometer reading, so there may not be a place for it.

List the sales price of the car in the price field.

Sign the back of the title in the “seller's signature” section before giving the title to the buyer.

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