How to Open a Rolex President Watch Band Clasp

Written by meredith jameson | 13/05/2017
How to Open a Rolex President Watch Band Clasp
The Rolex Presidential watch has been worn by several U.S. presidents (The White House image by dwight9592 from

The Rolex brand Presidential watch, otherwise known as the Day-Date watch, only comes in gold or platinum. It has been worn by several U.S. presidents, hence the name, and is considered to be a status symbol. The watch is very expensive, sometimes selling for around £16,250 and is only available at high-end jewellery stores and department stores. The watch is bracelet-style with a hidden clasp opening which can be difficult to open if one is not familiar with how to use the clasp.

Turn the watch over so that the watch links are visible. You will see a small Rolex crown on the back of the links.

Gently grab the Rolex crown with your fingers.

Pull the crown downwards in a gentle motion while lifting the crown gently.

Watch the clasp pop open. You can now open the clasp fully and slide the watch on your wrist.

Take the watch to a jeweller or watch repair shop if pulling down on the crown does not open the clasp for additional tips and advice.

Things you need

  • Rolex Presidential watch

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