How to Buy Wholesale Cosmetic Makeup Cheap

Updated November 21, 2016

Cosmetic make-up can be expensive, especially for high-end brands such as MAC, L'Oreal, Estee Lauder and others. These brands are often offered at high-end department stores, speciality make-up stores or authorised retailers with a high markup on the price. However, the same make-up is often available for wholesale purchase by vendors and authorised resellers, reducing the cost of the cosmetics. With a little research you can find cosmetic make-up at wholesale prices, which can then be resold to others or retained for personal use.

Try starting small. Before you begin purchasing pallets of make-up through wholesale companies, try smaller venues such as eBay, Costco or Sam's Club, where you can purchase bulk make-up for reduced prices but are not dealing with a large inventory. Experiment with how much make-up you need before moving into the larger arena of wholesale purchase.

Do a little research. There are several web-based companies that offer wholesale prices on make-up, including high-end brands like MAC and less expensive brands, such as Cover Girl. These websites may offer significantly cheaper prices on make-up. However, be aware that some websites are less trustworthy than others. Look for emblems on the website that assure users that purchases on the website are verified to be safe, endorsed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), or covered by a satisfaction guarantee. Examine the company's return policy before purchasing; otherwise you may be stuck with an inferior product with no way to return it.

Buy from overseas companies. Companies in the U.K., Australia and China often have websites that offer wholesale cosmetics at reduced prices. Be aware that you may need to buy in bulk, so be prepared either to own a lot of the item or be ready to do some selling.

Join a members program. Some companies offer wholesale information and reduced pricing on cosmetics to members who join their program. Always do a little research before joining by looking up information about the company on the web, checking with the BBB about the company, and checking to see if there are any comments about the company on the web.

Consider drop-shipping cosmetics, which is a business model in which the vendor identifies and purchases the product for a buyer and then has the manufacturer ship the item directly to the buyer. This eliminates the need for the vendor to maintain an inventory of her own. Wholesale companies that offer drop-shipping often have cheaper prices than typical retail stores.

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