How to Identify Crab Apple Leaves

Updated February 21, 2017

Properly identifying the plant in your yard as a crab apple tree can make the difference between a flourishing specimen and a malnourished disaster. Making the determination that it is a crab apple tree doesn't have to be a guessing game, however. In fact there are a number of visual clues revealed in the leaves of the tree that make identification simple and accurate.

Determine the size of the tree's leaves. A crab apple tree has leaves that are typically 4 to 8cm in length.

Identify the shape of the leaves. The leaves on a crab apple tree are oblong or even oval in shape.

Feel the underside of the leaves. A young crab apple tree has leaves with a downy underside.

Look at the tip and sides of the leaves. A crab apple tree will have leaves with pointed tips and jagged, toothed edges.

Determine the colour. A crab apple tree has light green leaves in the spring and darker green in the summer into fall.

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