How to Make a Queen Dress

Updated April 17, 2017

A good costume is the most important element in any situation that involves dressing up. Be it for Halloween, a school play or a community production, a great costume is imperative to the believability of the role being taken on. While the idea of making a costume as elaborate as a queen dress may seem daunting at first, there are simple steps you can take to ensure that the project is enjoyable and successful. Choosing a pattern, sewing the costume and adding embellishments will produce a beautiful queen dress, no matter the occasion.

Visit a craft or fabric store and purchase the pattern you would like to follow while making your queen dress. Look for a pattern to buy based on the type of queen dress you desire, i.e. voluminous and round or fitted and elegant. Many patterns are available for purchase at a minimal cost in small paper packages from any craft store. Alternatively, find a costume pattern online, print it out, cut it out and follow it.

Purchase the fabric you would like to use for your queen dress. Check the pattern's packaging or the website from which you printed it to determine the amount of fabric needed to make the costume. If you plan to create separate layers to the costume, as is often seen with queen dresses, choose complementary colours for the different layers. Purchase thread that matches the fabric you choose. Look for luxurious materials like silk, satin and brocade, and opulent colours like red, purple and gold to make the queen costume as realistic as possible.

Cut out your pattern. Lay out the fabric -- upside down -- on a flat surface. Place the cut pieces of the pattern atop the underside of the fabric, leaving minimal space between pieces to ensure none of the fabric is wasted. Pin the pattern pieces to the fabric and cut out the fabric following the shape of the pattern piece. Sew each piece together as directed by the particular pattern you chose, always following the dotted lines that appear on each piece of the pattern.

Add layers to your queen costume to create an overall image of grandeur. For instance, add a crinoline skirt underneath the dress to add volume to the look, or add a smock-like wrap in a contrasting colour on top of the skirt. Head wear accents the opulent look, particularly a crown with a veil attached to the back of it. Add different fabrics such as faux fur or velvet around the cuffs and neckline of the dress for unexpected and rich touches.

Glue craft store jewels, stones and other baubles onto the gown in any pattern you choose. Rich jewel tones like ruby, turquoise, amethyst and sapphire are very appropriate for a royal gown. Lace appliques in metallic colours like gold or silver can be strategically placed to embellish the dress, such as on the dress's bodice or along the hemline.

Drape costume jewellery in a variety of metals and stones around the neck and arms to add the finishing touches to your queen dress. Add rings and a pair of earrings as well. The amount of jewellery you add is at your discretion; you just can't add too much for a royal look.


Always purchase a bit more fabric than the pattern calls for in case you encounter a mishap. Add inexpensive dollar store items to your queen costume, such as gold coins, sequin strips or glue-on plastic jewels to add some sparkle to your costume if that is the desired look.

Things You'll Need

  • Queen's dress pattern
  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
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