How to Clone an Original Xbox Hard Drive

Written by jennifer moore | 13/05/2017
How to Clone an Original Xbox Hard Drive
Clone the original Xbox hard drive for safe keeping (Video game controller image by Christopher Meder from

Cloning an original Xbox hard drive is similar to cloning a PC hard drive. You will have to know how to change the jumpers to create Master and Slave drives, but the rest of the process is simple. Cloning the original drive will help you keep all your games and Xbox information the same, but with a new drive you'll have more room to add new games, data and music.

Download and install a software program such as Norton Ghost, Acronis or Paragon.

Insert a blank disk in your CD burner. Open the cloning software program and select "make boot disk." Follow the on-screen instructions.

Remove the hard drive from the Xbox. Set the jumpers on the hard drive so that it's a slave.

Turn off your PC and connect the new Xbox hard drive as a master hard drive using another IDE cable and connecting it to the other IDE slot on the motherboard. Take the old Xbox hard drive and connect it as the slave to the second connector (located on the top) on the same cable.

Turn your computer back on and press "F2" as it is initialising to get into the Bios screen. On some computers it is "F11" or "F12." Check your PC manual.

Check in the Bios to make sure the new Xbox hard drive is seen as the master and the old hard drive as the slave. You can tell by the hard drive specifications.

Set your computer to boot from the CD drive while you are still in the Bios. Your PC will boot from the clone boot disk you made in Step 2.

Restart your computer. The cloning boot software will initialise. Open the menu and select "Disk." Choose your Slave drive as the source and select your new master Xbox hard drive as the destination. The process takes around an hour.

Disconnect both hard drives from the PC. Place the new hard drive in the Xbox and use normally. Put the old Xbox hard drive in a safe place as a backup.

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