How to Download CD Music Onto an MP3 Music Player

Updated February 21, 2017

MP3 players store electronic files containing songs for playback. Because each give song is essentially just a piece of data, you can transfer it from another format such as a CD onto your MP3 player. Most players come with software to facilitate just such a transfer, making it easy for your to copy your CD collection onto an MP3 player. Most players hold entire libraries in their memory, allowing you to carry music from hundreds of CDs in one little box.

Open the MP3 software on your computer. It should have come with your MP3 player. The most popular software is Apple's iTunes, for use with their iPod and iPhone players, but other MP3 players use different types of software.

Place the CD in your computer's disc drive and wait for it to boot up. In most cases, the software will recognise it instantly and provide a list of the tracks for you to peruse.

Select the music from the CD you wish to place on your MP3 player and copy it over using the software. The precise method of doing so varies by software. In the case of iTunes, you need to check the boxes next to each track you want, then click the "Burn CD" button in the corner of the iTunes window. Other MP3 software may ask you to click-and-drag the songs on the CD to a folder on your desktop or may automatically copy the entire CD for you. Regardless, the process often takes a few minutes, so you may wish to step away from the computer for a bit while it finishes.

Eject the CD and put it back in its case.

Connect the MP3 player to your computer with the cable it came with. A sigil representing the MP3 player should appear on your MP3 software window.

Make sure that the songs from your CD are set to copy over to the MP3 player. With iTunes, it means clicking on the sigil representing the MP3 player on the left-hand column of the iTunes window, then clicking on the "Music" file. You can then click on the name of the album or artist corresponding to the CD. With other MP3 software, you may need to click a separate box, or click-and-drag your selected MP3 files over to the MP3 icon on the desktop. Check your software for precise details.

Copy the MP3 files over to your player by clicking the "Sync," "Update," or "Upload" button, then wait until the files transfer.

Disconnect the MP3 player from the computer when the software prompts you, then listen to the CD music to make sure it transferred over successfully.


Transferring CD music to an MP3 player is permitted for personal use only. If you try to sell or otherwise distribute the MP3 file, you may be in violation of copyright laws.

Things You'll Need

  • compact disc
  • MP3 player
  • computer with MP3 software
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