How to knit leg warmers for beginners

Updated November 21, 2016

If you are a beginning knitter, you may feel intimidated by knitting patterns that require you to knit in round motifs. Knitting legwarmers, however, offer an easier approach for beginners by knitting them flat and sewing up the seam. The construction will involve only a simple knitted rectangle and you will be able to customise the fit for the wearer.

Measure the circumference of your ankles and round up to the nearest inch; this is measurement A. Measure the distance from your ankle to your knee and then add three inches, rounding up to the nearest inch; this is measurement B.

Knit a gauge swatch. Cast on 20 stitches and knit in the following pattern: knit two, purl two, repeat. When you turn your work, purl into the knitted stitches and knit into the purled stitches from the previous row. Knit this way for 10 rows.

Measure your gauge. Count how many stitches fill a horizontal inch in your gauge swatch. Now count how many rows fill a vertical inch. Multiply your horizontal stitches per inch times A inches; this is how many stitches you will need to cast on. Round it to the nearest even number. Multiply the number of rows per inch times B inches; this is how many rows you will have to knit.

Cast on your stitches as determined in step three. Knit in your knit two, purl two ribbing for the number of rows you determined in step three. This ribbed pattern will allow your stitching to stretch to fit over your calves and hug them securely to avoid too much slipping down. Bind off your work loosely in the same knit two, purl two pattern.

Cut your working yarn and leave a long tail for sewing. Thread this tail onto a large eye blunt needle and line up the edges on your leg warmers. Use a whipstitch to stitch the two sides together; simply weave the needle in and out of the two edges in a snug-fitting movement. Turn the leg warmers right side out and wear them, scrunching them down as desired.

Things You'll Need

  • Worsted weight yarn
  • Knitting needles size US 8
  • Scissors
  • Large eye blunt needle
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