How to Convert CDA to Wav Online

Updated February 21, 2017

With the dozens of audio file types populating the Internet and the computer world, it is difficult for you to know which extension might be the best for you. One file type, .CDA files, are stored to your computer from burnt discs and can be played and used with a variety of formats. While they are accessible with various players, that are not as accessible as the similar .WAV file. You can convert your .CDA files to .WAV format on the Internet in just minutes by downloading the free iTunes media player from Apple.

Download and install the iTunes player from the official Apple website and launch the player on your desktop once it has finished downloading.

Select "Edit">"Preferences">"Import Settings" from the upper bar menu on your iTunes player.

Select "Import Using: WAV Encoder" in the "Import Settings" menu and click "OK."

Drag and drop your .CDA files from your computer's library to your iTunes library.

Right-click on the .CDA files in your library and select "Create WAV Version" in the pop-up menu. This will create a new version of your song in your library directly below the original.

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