How to Refill an S.T. Dupont Lighter

Updated February 21, 2017

S.T. Dupont, named for founder Simon Tissot Dupont, is the manufacturer of collectable metal lighters and other men's accessories. When a Dupont lighter ceases to produce a flame, you'll need to refill it with gas cartridges made specifically for S.T. Dupont lighters.

Turn the lighter's valve cover screw counterclockwise with your fingers to remove it.

Push down on the valve with a pencil or screwdriver to drain the reservoir and release any pressurised air.

Screw the gas refill into the refill valve for 1, 2 and GATSBY lighter lines. For mini Jet, MaxiJet, D line or D-light line lighters, insert the gas cartridge into the refill valve and press it down gently. Hold for 5 seconds, and repeat the process until gas starts to leak.

Replace the valve cover screw and use your lighter.


Do not refill your lighter near open flames.

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