Where to Put Patches on a Jean Jacket

Updated November 21, 2016

Accessorising a jean jacket can help add a punkish fashion twist to an otherwise boring item of clothing. It also can help mend jackets and hide unsightly rips and tears. The best patch is one you are personally into as these make the strongest statement. If you want a big patch, you may consider using the logo from the front of an old T-shirt. For a smaller one, check out Hot Topic or other offbeat retailer that specialises in clothing that is far from mainstream.

On the Back

On of the most popular places for jean jacket patches are on the back. These patches should generally be rather large so they fill up the majority of this space. A large square patch should usually start at your mid-shoulder blade and then go down from there. If you have a wide, rectangular patch, you may want to put it across the bottom of the jacket's back or on the top. Any wide patches with an arch are best suited for the top of the back, about a half an inch below the collar.

Over the Breast

Any patches between two and four inches square or round are well-suited to the chest. Women need to mind where they put patches on this area to avoid placing them in suggestive areas. Generally, the patch should centre about three inches above or below a woman's nipple. Smaller rectangular patches may also work in this area, when applied like a name tag.

On the Arm

The upper shoulder area is a stylish place to put any small patch, particularly those that are more round in size. This area is also good for arm bands, which are useful for both fashion and political statements.

On the Elbow

These are some of the more common patches to be applied out of necessity rather than accessory. The elbows of jackets get rubbed thin and frequently get holes that are impossible to just sew back together. Elbows are well-suited to medium patches of any size -just make sure it covers the hole in your jacket.

On the body

Generally it is best to avoid putting patches on your midsection until you apply other patches in the more common areas. Otherwise your jacket may seem strangely off-balanced. Once you've got some other patches and decide to apply some accessories to this front area, it is a good idea to work with medium to large sized patches and centre them just over the front pocket. Make sure you leave the opening so your pocket is still accessible, though.

On the Collar

Small patches look great when applied on the collar, but make sure to put one on each side in order to balance the neckline. You may also choose to do a slim and long patch on the back of the collar, but only do so after your back patch is added, or it will look very out of place.

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