How to Add Seat Belts to a VW Beetle

Updated February 21, 2017

The VW Beetle is a legendary Volkswagen car that has been around for over 70 years. It doesn't matter if your VW Beetle is old or new. It is recommended to install seat belts for safety reasons. You should also change your Beetle's seat belts every few years to ensure that they are functioning properly. The process of installing, adding or changing seat belts in a VW Beetle model is the same.

Remove the old seat belts if your VW Beetle already has seat belts. Unscrew the nuts at all the points, remove them and then remove each seat belt.

Locate where to install the anchors of the seat belts. If there were previously installed seat belts in your Beetle, use the existing anchor points. If there were no seat belts, there should still be three anchor points. The first two anchor points are by the shoulder and the lap, and the third anchor point is on the side of the car by the door frame.

Install the anchors for the shoulder and the lap. Connect the anchors to the bolt plug holes on the side of the door and on the side of the seat. Tighten the bolts of the anchors using a Phillips screwdriver.

Install the buckle on the other side of the seat. Secure the bolt plug holes of the buckle in its place with a Phillips screwdriver.

Check to see if each seat belt is working properly and if the shoulder and lap harness are properly mounted. Sit on the car seat and click the tongue into the buckle to check the grip of the seat belt.


Some owners of old VW Beetles think that installing new seat belts is sacrilegious and isn't in the spirit of the vintage car. However, safety is far more important, and besides, there are a lot of different colours and styles that can still complement your VW Beetle. If you want to install rear seat belts, move the rear seat upward to see if there are bolts behind it. Some VW Beetles have the rear seat belt option hardware.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips head screwdriver
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