How to Fix an Ice Maker Leaking on a LG Fridge

Updated February 21, 2017

LG refrigerators often feature an ice maker and dispenser for quick access to preformed, ready-to-use ice for drinks and cocktails. A leaking or dripping ice maker is often a sign that the freezer compartment is set too warm or an indication of a problem with the ice maker itself. Troubleshooting this issue involves working systematically to rule out the most common causes one by one. Taking this approach sometimes removes the need for repairs, saving you money.

Ensure the freezer compartment containing the ice dispenser is set to the correct temperature of -17.8 degrees C. Warmer temperatures will cause ice in the auger to melt and stick together when you open the compartment door. Ice may melt and drip from the mechanism if the temperature is considerably higher than recommended. Tap the "Freezer" button to adjust the temperature.

Ensure the freezer compartment door is able to close completely. Containers and boxes inside the freezer might be holding open the door and raising internal temperatures. Storing hot or warm food has a similar effect; always let food cool to room temperature before freezing.

Turn off the ice maker using the power switch to see if the leak stops. A malfunction internal to the ice maker mechanism may exist if turning the power off stops the leak. Take the ice bucket out of the door and empty its contents down the sink during this time to rule out leaks from this part of the mechanism.

Check the water supply piping leading to the ice maker for signs of a leak. Contact LG for a replacement part if you notice a crack or split in the piping. Water could have frozen inside the supply line, expanding and splitting the pipe.

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