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Floral arranging is the art of designing flower arrangements and bouquets from cut flowers, foliage and herbs. Floral arranging involves skills and knowledge such as how to select, cut and arrange flowers so they stay fresh as long as possible. Floral designers need to know how create arrangements, wreaths, bouquets, corsages and even artificial floral arrangements. Floral design has a long history and includes many different styles of flower arranging. There are a number of ways to become educated in floral design. Choices are formal training with certification for employment or informal training for personal use or hobby.

Read websites and blogs. There are many informative websites online where you can learn about the history of floral design and many other topics. There are articles and tutorials about tools needed for flower arranging, techniques, treatments and types of arrangements. You can also find interesting information and photos in the blogs of floral and interior designers.

Watch videos online. There are websites with instructional videos on making floral arrangements (e.g., and With these videos, you can learn how to pick out flowers and containers for arrangements. There are demonstrations by interior designers and florists teaching how to make large and small arrangements for weddings, holidays and special themes. Using these tutorials, you will be able to reproduce expert-looking arrangements and learn useful tips from professionals.

Take online classes. Do a search for floral design schools. There are many online programs available for floral design. Make sure you thoroughly investigate any school you are considering and select one that is accredited. Some colleges and universities also offer courses in floral design online through their horticulture departments. Programs will teach the many varieties of flowers, principals of floral design, and creating designs for different occasions. A certificate earned can lead to jobs for retail and wholesale florists, catering and wedding services and many other opportunities.

Order books online through numerous book websites (e.g.,, and used books are found on sites like There are many useful books available that will help with your knowledge of floral arranging. A good one is "Arranging Flowers: How to Create Beautiful Bouquets in Every Season" by Martha Stewart. It's an easy to use, informative, book with beautiful photos. Another instructive book is "Flowers A to Z: Buying, Growing, Cutting, Arranging" by Cecelia Heffernan. It is an educational resource full of information about flowers and floral arranging.


It is more cost effective to practice making floral arrangements using artificial flowers.

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