How to Draw a 3D Car Easily

Updated March 23, 2017

Drawing three-dimensional cars is an effective way for beginning artists to learn to draw. Drawing of 3D cars require lines and angles to create depth and dimension, which can be one of the hardest techniques for a beginning artist to master. By working on 3D car drawings, you can perfect these techniques and watch your skills improve as you create sketches you can be proud to display.

Draw a simple side view of a car. Begin with two half-dollar size circles for tires. Draw a horizontal line between the wheels to create the bottom edge of your car. Draw a smaller circle inside the tires then draw two Xs inside the smaller circles. Draw one more vertical line down the centre of each X. This will create rims for your car.

Draw the body of the car by starting just above and to the left of the front wheel. Extend this line a couple of inches to the left and draw a slight curve for the bonnet of the car. Angle the line at a slight slant to create the windshield, then draw a horizontal line for the roof of the car.

Draw an angled line from the end of the roof of the car to create the back windshield, then curve into a short horizontal line for the trunk. Bring the trunk around and complete the basic sketch by bringing the back of the car's chassis around to meet the back tire of this car. Draw a curved line at the front end of the car from the point where you began the chassis down to the front tire to complete the body of your car.

Sketch lines at the front of the car in a slight left and upward angle to create width at the front of the car that will help add depth to the basic frame. Sketch in both vertical and horizontal lines to draw the bumper/grill area of the car. Use the same horizontal and vertical lines to add width to the bonnet. You're basically working off your original flat sketch at a sideways angle to expand the initial car shape to give it a 3D look.

Detail the 3D design to finish it. Draw two circles on the grill (or ovals) for headlights. Add a little dark pencil shading around the headlights on the right side to bring them out from the grill. Add light pencil shading over the windshield to give the impression of glass. Leave random portions of the white showing through the pencil shading to help give a reflective quality to the windshield.

Shade around the tires and rims to create depth. Colour around the outline of the tires to thicken them. At this stage, shading and colouring will enhance your 3D shape. If you want to colour your car, use colour pencils after you've added the lead pencil shading, then use the edge of your eraser a fingertip to smudge the colouring to create a blended metal texture on the car.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Colour pencils
  • Eraser
  • Art pad
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