Instructions for the Ion Turntable

Updated April 17, 2017

ION has a line of easy to use turntables specifically made for converting your records into MP3 files. This is done through a USB jack on the side of the turntable or through a direct connect jack for your iPod. The Ion turntable has two large start and stop buttons for a simple interface, as well as a dust cover and plastic cover to keep your records free of dust. You can also use the USB jack to plug the turntable into your home stereo.

Connect your computer to the Ion turntable with a USB cable. Open an MP3 converting program like EZ Vinyl Converter. The program will recognise the connection to the turntable and ask if you would like to perform a conversion. Choose yes and title the file with the name of your LP and the date of the conversion. You can add more information about the LP, such as the date it was recorded and where you got it.

Remove the dust cover from the ION turntable and place on LP on the deck. Carefully place the needle on the record and press the play button to start the record. Let the record play in its entirety without pausing. Pausing or stopping the record will affect the MP3. When it finishes playing, press the stop button and disconnect the USB cable from the turntable.

Save your MP3 file and open a music library program like iTunes. Open the saved MP3 file and upload to iTunes. Now you can connect your iPod to the computer using its USB cable and download your recorded LP music to your iPod.


Be careful when handling a turntable needle and never touch the needle with your finger -- the oils from your skin may interfere with its reading ability.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • USB Cable
  • MP3 converting software
  • Music library software
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