Casio Wave Ceptor 3054 Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

Casio Computers, founded in Tokyo, Japan during the 1940s, is well-known for producing inexpensive electronic watches designed for a wide variety of uses. A Casio Wave Ceptor watch has the ability to recalibrate the time each day when it receives a signal from one of the atomic clocks stationed around the world. Basic important functions include the alarm and stopwatch functions, as well as setting up manual signal reception for the atomic time.

Place the watch on a flat surface, with the 12 o'clock section pointed towards a window (alternatively, placing the watch on a stable surface outside will also work).

Hold down the "D" button (the bottom-right button) until "RC!" appears on the face of the watch.

Check the watch while it calibrates, waiting for the screen to change. This can take anywhere between two and seven minutes.

Once changed, if the face of the watch reads "ERR," the watch did not properly receive the signal. If it shows the "Last Signal" screen (which indicates the last time the signal was successfully calibrated), the setting was successful.

Hold down the "A" button (top-left) until the city code indicator begins to flash.

Press the "C" button (bottom-left) to cycle through the options that can be changed. Stop once the seconds indicator begins blinking.

Press the "D button" (bottom-right) to reset the seconds to 00, then press the "C" button (bottom-left) to move to minutes.

Press the "D" (bottom-right) and "B" (top-right) buttons to cycle the time up and down. Once the minutes are adjusted, press the "C" button (bottom-left) once again to adjust the hours in the same manner.

Press the "A" button (top-left) to exit the settings screen and return to normal watch function.

Press the "C" button (bottom-left) until you enter the stopwatch mode.

Press the "D" button (bottom-right) to start, stop and restart the clock.

When finished timing the run, press the "A" button (top-left) to clear the time.

Press the "C" button (bottom-left) until you enter the alarm mode.

Hold down the "A" button (top-left) until the alarm begins to flash.

Press the "C" button (bottom-left) to choose the hour or minute indicator.

Use the "B" (top-right) and "D" (bottom-right) buttons to adjust the hours or minutes.

Press the "A" button (top-left) to exit the setting screen after completion.


Many Wave Ceptor watches have issues receiving signal indoors. Rest your watch at night in a window for best reception.

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