How to Use Paint Mixing Cups

Even with all the colors of paint available at craft stores, painters may not be able to find the exact color they want. It's also expensive to buy that many colors of paint. Solve this problem by mixing paint in mixing cups. Almost any type of cup or bowl can be a mixing cup. Hobby stores sell mixing bowls, or a painter can use clean plastic containers or cans. Store-bought paint cups usually come with a lid to store leftover paint.

Decide what color you want to make. Put one button-sized drop of paint into the cup. Repeat with another color. If you are making a lighter or darker shade of the first color, use a smaller amount of the second color.

Mix the paint thoroughly with the paintbrush.

Paint a small stripe of paint on a piece of paper to test the color. Adjust the shade by adding more paint.


Use white to make a lighter shade and black to make a darker shade.

Things You'll Need

  • Mixing cups
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper
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