How to change a BMW 335i transmission to sport mode

Updated March 23, 2017

The BMW 335i is equipped with a Steptronic transmission. This transmission allows you to enter BMW's Sport Mode, which simulates the manual shifting experience with an automatic transmission (without the clutch). Changing to Sport Mode is very simple although using the mode requires a bit of practice. BMW recommends Sport Mode for performance-oriented driving only. Don't worry about harming your transmission while trying to experience Sport Mode; the 335i's computer will not allow potentially damaging shift patterns, such as an accidental shift into first gear at highway speed.

Turn your engine on, put your foot on the brake and depress the button on your gearshift.

Move the gearshift down to "Drive" (D); continue to hold your foot against the brake.

Push the gearshift one notch to the left to enter Sport Mode.

Release your foot from the brake pedal and begin driving. Tap the gearshift selector up to shift into a higher gear; tap it down to shift into a lower gear.

Return to Normal Mode by tapping the gearshift to the right (back into "D").


Some 335i models are equipped with steering wheel paddle shifters. You can use the paddles on your steering wheel to upshift or downshift while in Sport Mode. Tap the paddle shifter up to upshift; down to downshift.

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