How to Replace the Driver's Side Mirror on an Escort

Updated March 23, 2017

Replacing a side mirror in older Ford Escort models is a very simple process; however, replacing a side mirror in the later Escort models (1997 to 2002) is a bit more difficult, requiring complete door panel removal to access the screws securing the side mirror panel. Factory replacement side mirrors are recommended for compatibility, particularly with power mirrors (an aftermarket power mirror may not be compatible with the factory electrical connection).

Disconnect the negative battery cable (--) with the pliers before working with any electrical components.

Open the driver's side door. Insert a flat head screwdriver behind the interior side mirror panel (shaped like a small triangle). Pry the panel away from the door and move it aside.

Remove the three Phillips head screws located behind the panel.

Pull the side mirror away from the door (from outside of the Escort). The mirror is still attached by a cable. Pull the cable up until the connection becomes visible then unplug the connection. Leave the plug folded over the door to attach to the new side mirror.

Attach the new side mirror's cable to the plug. Then position the side mirror in place and tighten the three Phillips head screws to secure it. From inside of the Escort, reattach the corner mirror panel (it will snap back on).

Disconnect the negative battery cable (--) for safety.

Pry off the two plastic screw covers located at the front of the door panel with a flat head screwdriver. Remove the Phillips head screws behind the covers.

Insert an Allen wrench (or a small Phillips head screwdriver) into the pushpin fastener on the rear portion of the door panel.

Insert the window crank tool behind the window crank; push the tool forward to release the retaining clip. Pull the window handle off.

Pull the door panel away from the Escort; use a little force to pop out the door panel clips. Set the door panel aside. Remove the Phillips head screw from the remaining portion of the door panel (the side mirror panel). Pull the small panel off.

Remove the three Phillips head screws from behind the side mirror panel. Move to the Escort's exterior and pull the side mirror assembly away; unplug the power connection.

Connect the cable for the new side mirror, then attach the mirror to the Escort and tighten the three Phillips head screws. Replace the side mirror panel and tighten the screw.

Reattach the interior door panel, lining up the door panel clips with the small holes around the door. Push the panel inward to engage the clips.

Reattach the window handle and insert the clip behind it to secure it to the door panel. Replace the two Phillips head screws and the plastic screw covers, then press the pushpin fasteners back in.

Things You'll Need

  • Pliers
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Replacement side mirror
  • Allen wrench (1997 to 2002 only)
  • Window crank tool (1997 to 2002 only)
  • Flat head screwdriver (1997 to 2002 only)
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