How to find out who's calling your phone

Updated March 23, 2017

It can be frustrating to miss a phone call and not know who it was, or to receive harassing and unwanted calls. Fortunately, there are several options for you to locate the origin of the offending or missed call. It's not always possible to learn who is calling you, but you can learn which city and state the call originated from and what type of phone it is. If you find that you receive a plethora or harassing calls, contact your local police.

Sign up for caller ID with your local phone company. Your phone will need to have a display window so that you can see who is calling you. Most phones come with display windows. When your phone rings, simply look at the display window to see who is calling you.

Sign up for digital phone service. Some cable companies that offer digital phone service, will display the incoming call information directly onto your television screen. This will only work if you are watching live or On Demand television. You will not see the number displayed if you are watching a show on your DVR or a DVD.

Talk to your local phone company to learn the number for call return. When you use call return you can access the number of your last incoming call.

Visit one of the many websites that offer reverse cell phone lookup (this works for traditional phones as well). Simply plug in the number, and all known information for that call will be displayed. You should expect to learn who the number belongs to, whether it is a cell phone or land line, and where the call originated from.

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