How to Troubleshoot a Griffin iTrip

Updated February 21, 2017

The Griffin iTrip is a device that is compatible with Apple's iPod. The main function of the device is to allow a user to listen to their iPod in their car. The device sends data through radio signals and it assigns a radio station for the user to tune in to. Like any other electronic device, the iTrip is susceptible to technical problems. Before bringing your iTrip to an electronics professional, try a few troubleshooting steps to fix these common problems.

Update your iPod if your Griffin iTrip is not working. This has been known to fix fourth generation iPods. Plug your iPod into your computer and launch iTunes. Under the "Devices" tab, click the "Update" button to update your iPod's firmware. Try using the Griffin iTrip again.

Perform a soft reset on your Griffin iTrip if it is not powering on. Sometimes the iPod has problems communicating with third-party devices and can lock up or freeze the third-party device. To perform a soft reset, plug the iTrip into your iPod and make sure the iPod is powered on. Hold down the "Menu" and "Select" buttons on your iPod until the Apple logo appears. Try using your iTrip again after this reset.

Make sure that the iTrip is completely flush with your iPod when it is connected to the iPod. iPod cases or other protectors can cause interference. Remove your iPod from its case and reconnect the iTrip.

Turn your iPod volume down if the music you are playing sounds distorted. The best method to find the optimal volume is to start with your volume at 50 per cent and slowly increase the volume until you find the point where the distortion begins. Set your volume just below that point.

Change the radio station signal on your iTrip if you are not getting a clear or crisp sound. If your iTrip is set to a station that is close to a major broadcasting station, you may be getting interference. To change the station frequency, navigate to the iTrip playlist on your iPod. Highlight the frequency you want to set and select "Play/Pause" on your iPod. Press the "Play/Pause" button one more time when the LED on your iPod begins to blink.

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