Wave Board Repair

The wave board is a two-wheeled device that allows riders to stand on the board and propel themselves using their own motions. The wave board combines elements of skateboarding with those of wakeboarding, surfing and snowboarding. Like skateboards and surfboards, wave boards can be damaged and sometimes require maintenance. Repairing a wave board is fairly simple and can be completed with relatively little time or effort.

Determine what needs to be repaired on your wave board. If you have broken specific parts of the board, identify the parts and use the product manual or product website to determine the name of the broken parts. The wheels of the wave board wear down quickly with excessive use and are often the first parts of a wave board to be replaced.

Remove the parts of your wave board that need to be repaired. Use the hex wrench (Allen wrench) to loosen the bolts holding in the wheels and trucks if these items are broken. To repair cosmetic damage to the board, you might want to remove all items from the board before you begin any work on it.

Attempt to repair any of the parts that have been damaged. If your wave board's trucks have been bent or if the damage to your board is purely cosmetic, you might be able to repair the board without ordering new replacement parts. Use a waterproof paint to cover any scratches on the top of the deck and use a clamp and pliers or a torch to reshape the bent truck.

Order replacement parts for those broken pieces of the wave board that cannot be repaired. Wheels that are worn down cannot be repaired and must be ordered via a company website, phone or postal mail.

Install the replacement parts on your board. Use a hex wrench to tighten the bolts holding new wheels or to secure new trucks. Test your board on flat ground to ensure that all of the repairs have been done correctly.


Certain parts of the Wave Board cannot be purchased individually, so you may have to order replacement parts for more than just what is broken.

Things You'll Need

  • Wave board
  • Replacement wheels
  • Replacement trucks
  • Allen wrench
  • Monkey wrench
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