How to Apply for the Extreme Makeover TV Show

Updated March 23, 2017

ABC's "Extreme Makeover" is part of a much-copied TV formula of getting one's home made over by a bevy of interior designers. Even though the formula is familiar, this show has been popular with the public because the home makeover is done for a family in need. It's no surprise, then, that so many people want to be on the show.

Go to the official ABC "Extreme Makeover" website to read directions on how to submit an application.

Click on the link that takes you to the application, located in the first paragraph on the site's main page. The application is in PDF format, so be sure to download Adobe Acrobat Reader or update to the current version.

Download the application by clicking on the application link, clicking "Save Link As," then "Save Target As."

Read the application carefully. Fill out all pertinent information, including a section where you can nominate a deserving family.

Prepare a video that explains why you or another family should be picked for the show. Avoid using VHS-C or High 8 video; instead, use recordable DVDs, mini DVD or even VHS. If burning your video to the mini DVD format, it's required that you finalise the disc before sending it in. You'll see a "Finalize" icon on your computer screen that you should click after the burn process is done.

Take photos of you and your family or the family you're nominating if you don't have a video camera. "Extreme Makeover" understands that some families may not have all the latest technology. Make sure the photos represent your family in the best possible way and convey the information you provided on the application.

Print out your application and send it with your video or pictures to Lock & Key Productions, c/o Family Casting, P.O. Box 38670, Los Angeles, CA 90038. You'll hear back by phone within several months if "Extreme Makeover" is interested in using you on the show.


Thoroughly read the directions on how to make a video for family casting located at the bottom of the "Extreme Makeover" application. They want a specific structure in how you present your family on the video, including a greeting shot, tour of your home, interviews with family members and a goodbye shot.


Read through the legal requirements at the bottom of the application carefully. Understand all the waivers and release agreements you'll have to sign if you and your family are chosen. Also, be aware that you'll have to leave your home for up to seven days if chosen while the "Extreme Makeover" crew works inside. The video and pictures you send for the application process will become the property of the producers and won't be returned to you, whether you're chosen or not.

Things You'll Need

  • "Extreme Makeover" application
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Video camera or digital camera
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