How to Mount Wood Panels to a Refrigerator

Updated February 21, 2017

Some refrigerator manufacturers offer optional wood trim and panel kits. These custom panels are specifically for built-in refrigerators and aren't designed to be used on freestanding refrigerators. You can use the wood panelling to get the refrigerator to match up with the rest of the kitchen.

Remove the Phillips screws from the freezer door handle end caps and full-length handles. You may need to open the door to 32.2 degrees C to do this.

Open the door fully until it can't open anymore and remove the screws from the aluminium trim. Remove the top, bottom and hinge side trim, including the trim around the dispenser if there is any. Keep the screws and junk the original trim.

Attach the new trim that came in the kit to the top and hinge side. Use the original screws.

Install the support brackets on the panels. Mark the back side of the panels with the location of the support bracket. Use the instructions that came with the kit because the distances between tabs and edges are all different. For example, the freezer panel hinge side distance between the edge and the tab is different to the non-hinge side. Secure all the brackets with the provided screws.

Install the wood panels. Install the lower freezer panel by slipping its tabs into the slots under the dispenser trim. Hold the panel in place against the door while you fit the new bottom trim from the kit. Install screws through the bottom trim to hold the panel in place. Open the door and fix screws through the back of the trim and into the wood panel. You'll see the holes.

Follow this procedure with the other panels, including fresh food drawer and grille panel if there is one.

Install the new handles with the original screws.


You can often tell if your refrigerator can handle a wood panel kit because the door will be framed with an extruded aluminium frame.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Wood panel kit
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