How to Use a Cigarette Rolling Machine

Updated July 20, 2017

Dating back to the days of the Native Americans, people have been smoking tobacco. And despite known health concerns and rising costs, people still are smoking today. Many of us are paying exorbitant costs for a pack of cigarettes when we could be saving money by rolling our own. But who wants to hand roll a cigarette every time they want to smoke? Using a cigarette rolling machine to roll your smokes can save you money, and you can roll a whole pack at one time fairly quickly.

Face the cigarette roller with the picture facing you. The movable arm should be closest to you, not the secured arm.

Pull the movable arm toward you and push it down into its groove.

Push the rolling surface down making a depression or valley between the two rolling arms. You may need to hold the rolling surface at an edge to keep the valley or it might try to push up.

Fill the valley with tobacco evenly, but do not pack it in or your cigarette will be too tight.

Push the movable rolling arm up and away from you into the groove farther from you. This will bring the rolling arms together, enclosing the tobacco with the rolling surface.

Roll both rolling arm away from you while pushing down slightly to keep the movable arm in place. It is easiest to use your thumb and index fingers to roll it. You only need to roll it once or twice around at this point.

Place a rolling paper gum side up facing away from you in the roller between the roller arms.

Roll it into the roller using the same method described in Step 6. Continue rolling the paper into the roller until just the gummed edge is sticking out.

Lightly moisten the gummed edge with your tongue and roll it the rest of the way into the roller. Continue rolling one or two more times around to make sure you get good adhesion with the gummed edge.

Open the roller by lifting the movable arm and moving it toward you. Remove your rolled cigarette and enjoy.


Place a filter in one end of the roller valley before filling with tobacco and continue with the rest of the steps for a filtered, rolled cigarette.


Never allow children to smoke.

Things You'll Need

  • Loose smoking tobacco
  • Cigarette rolling machine
  • Rolling papers
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