How to make a safari hat

Updated February 21, 2017

Also known as a pith helmet, a safari hat is an essential element of any jungle expedition costume. The hard, safari helmet protects the head from falling objects and protects the neck and face from the harsh sun. You can make your own safari hat using supplies you probably already have lying around the house.

Bowl safari hat

Cut a hole in the centre of the paper plate so it sits on your child's head.

Apply a bead of glue around the open hole in the paper plate. Place your paper bowl on the bead of glue to form the helmet portion of the safari hat.

Weave khaki-coloured crepe paper on all sides of your safari hat. To do this, glue several crepe paper strips vertically, and then weave crepe paper strips horizontally by running them over one horizontal strip and under the next horizontal strip until you cover the entire surface.

Newspaper safari hat

Remove two full sheets from the middle of your newspaper. Place both sheets on top of your head, and press it down so it conforms to the shape of your head.

Ask a friend or an adult to wrap masking tape around the newspaper, starting just above the ears and wrapping it all the way around. Wrap around two times to make sure it holds your hat mould securely. Take the newspaper off your head carefully, keeping the mould intact.

Cut the brim of your hat so it looks like a safari hat. Cut it into an oval shape, leaving about 5 cm (2 inches) of brim on all sides.

Spread newspaper onto the table, and then paint your newspaper safari hat in any colour that you wish. Once the paint dries, you can glue on decorations like feathers, glitter, pom-poms and ribbons.

Safari hat adornments

Begin with a plain, moulded, foam safari hat that you can buy at costume or arts shops.

Peel off the backing of your foam stickers and apply them to your foam safari hat. This helps children build their fine motor skills.

Personalise your safari hat with foam stickers in the shape of letters, such as a child's name or nickname. Allowing your child to do this alone helps develop his cognitive learning skills.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper plate
  • Glue
  • Paper bowl
  • Scissors
  • Khaki coloured crepe paper
  • Newspaper
  • Masking tape
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Feathers
  • Glitter
  • Pom-poms
  • Ribbons
  • Moulded safari hat
  • Foam stickers
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