How to Remove a Gear Shift Knob

Updated March 23, 2017

Without gear lever knobs, driving would be very difficult. Gear lever knobs allow us to use the shift lever to change transmission gears in our vehicle. Removing the gear lever knob will allow you to clean it, or install an aftermarket one in its place.

Put your vehicle in "Park," turn off the engine and engage the parking brake for safety.

Wrap the cloth around the gear lever knob and twist it counter clockwise. Twist the knob until the knob spins freely.

Lift up on the knob to remove it from the gear lever. To reinstall, place it on the shift lever and turn clockwise until it locks.


Use a pair of pliers over the rag if the gear lever knob is difficult to twist. If a shift knob has been on a vehicle for a long period of time, the initial turn may be difficult with your hands.


Never remove the gear lever knob while driving or with the vehicle in gear.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand towel
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