How to Become a Housing Officer

Updated April 01, 2018

A housing officer is the first authority to meet with hopeful tenants of an apartment building. The housing officer communicates with the housing board (the owners of the buildings) as well as the applicants and tenants. Housing officers usually manage the housing units, delivery of new tenant belongings, getting the utilities for the unit, making sure repairs and maintenance are completed when needed, and collecting rent payments. If you're flexible, good with people and excellent with communication, you can become a housing officer.

Earn a degree in housing through distance learning or by attending a college. It is not required, but will help you earn more money and stand out against your competition. The degree work will cover all aspects of housing and will provide you with the best education for this job.

Volunteer at a homeless shelter to gain experience in the field. This is also a great resume-builder.

Study for and obtain your Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) professional qualification or certificate. This will show employers and tenants that you follow a professional and ethical guideline. You'll need to study through a distance learning program and then take and pass the certificate or professional qualification exam.

Join the Chartered Institute of Housing, a non-profit organisation of professionals in the housing industry. As a member you'll have access to news, resources, information, support and benefits. Go to the website below (see Resources) to choose your membership package and register to become a member.

Surround yourself with other great and influential housing professionals by attending business and networking meetings in your area. Ask your employer, colleagues and members of your community for places associated with the housing industry.


Continue your housing-officer education and training while working to maintain a good education.

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