How to get scratches out of auto glass

Updated March 23, 2017

Scratches in windshields and in other auto glass can reduce visibility and become a distraction while driving, not to mention that they are eyesores on your vehicle. Removing light scratches can be done at home in a few steps.

Apply the polishing compound--which can be found in an automotive supplies store--to the scratches with a soft cloth. Completely cover the area and several inches around the scratches. Gently wipe the compound in a circular motion. Allow it to set for a few minutes.

Use the buffer to machine polish the compound into the scratches. The buffer needs to be set on medium-high, if the setting is available. Use the buffer until most of the compound is not visible.

Wipe away the residue with a soft cloth. Most of the scratches should be faded. If light scratches remain, repeat the process two or three times until they are gone. If the scratches are too deep, you may only be able to minimise their appearance.


Use a handheld machine buffer for best results. This can be done with handheld polishing pads, but they will not be as effective and may require several more applications for results to show. Polishing compound specifically for glass works best; however, auto body polishing compound can be substituted.


Cracks in auto glass cannot be repaired with polishing compounds. Scratches are light imperfections in glass; cracks in glass require professional repair or replacement.

Things You'll Need

  • Handheld buffer
  • Polishing compound
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