How to Price an Installation of Laminate Flooring

Updated February 21, 2017

Laminate flooring is one of the most durable and low maintenance flooring choices on the market today; in fact, most brands can be installed in any room of the house. If you're considering having a laminate product installed, you may find it confusing when it comes to pricing the installation of the floor. While most dealers will advertise the price of the product per square foot, many other factors can affect the total price of the laminate installation job.

Multiply the length (in feet) of the room where the laminate flooring will be installed by the width of the room; this is the actual number of square feet of installed flooring.

Add ten per cent to the total number of square feet of flooring. This is the amount of flooring needed to account for waste in cutting the laminate planks. This sum is the total number of square feet of flooring required for the job.

Determine the number of square feet of flooring packaged in each box of the brand of laminate planks you are considering. Divide the total number of square feet required by the number of square feet sold in each box to determine how many boxes of laminate planks to purchase. Round up one box to allow for any remainder. (Laminate flooring is not sold in single planks, and you will have a partial box of flooring left over after the installation.)

Use the actual number of square feet of floor space to estimate how much underlayment to purchase for your laminate floor installation. Underlayment is sold in rolls; round up the square feet to the nearest full roll for an accurate cost of underlayment.

Measure the width of any doorways or flooring areas that will transition to another type of floor; transition strips will be required in these areas and must be priced individually depending on the length of each strip required.


If you have never installed laminate flooring before, add 15 per cent to the total number of square feet for cutting waste instead of ten per cent. If you are installing new quarter round at the baseboards in the room, add the length of quarter round needed plus ten per cent for cutting waste.


If you are having your laminate flooring installed by a professional, inquire whether the install job quote includes the cost of underlayment and transition strips as well as quarter round installation and cutting down doors, if needed.

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