How to Hook Up an X Rocker

Updated February 21, 2017

An X Rocker is a chair for playing video games. The rocker is wired with speakers, a subwoofer and built-in amplifiers to surround the game player with an immersive audio experience. X Rockers fold in the middle for easy storage and the sound cables attach in seconds using standard RCA-type audio cords. Volume and power controls are along the side of the rocker for convenient adjustments.

Place the X Rocker in front of the television or monitor at a comfortable distance from the screen. Fold up the back of the rocker to lock the seat back in place.

Insert the plugs on one end of the audio cables into the Audio IN jacks on the side of the X Rocker below the seat, using the white plug for the left audio jack and the red plug for the right.

Connect the cables on the other end to the Audio OUT jacks on the back of the television or audio-visual receiver, if the X Rocker is connecting to a home theatre system. Use the same colour codes to match the cable plugs to the jacks.

Insert the DC plug into the power jack on the X Rocker and plug the other end into a wall outlet.

Switch on the gaming system and the TV, and turn the on/off volume-control knob clockwise on the side of the X-Rocker.


When using an AV receiver, turn the selector knob on the front of the receiver to the set of jacks connecting the receiver with the X Rocker--for example, Auxiliary 1 or AUX 1.


Avoid accidental electrical shock or short circuits by unplugging the equipment from the wall outlet before connecting audio cables.

Things You'll Need

  • X Rocker
  • Standard RCA audio cables, typically included with the chair
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