How To Change The Owner of Outlook Calendar Meeting

Updated February 21, 2017

Microsoft Office is a powerful suite of utilities that allows you to create everything from documents and spreadsheets to slide shows and websites. Its e-mail handler, Outlook, also lends itself to being a Calendar Meeting scheduler as well as a daily planner.

One handy feature of Microsoft Office is that if you change personal information within one program, it is automatically changed in all of the others. So if you change the name of the owner in Microsoft Word, it will be changed in PowerPoint, Excel, Access and Outlook.

Open Microsoft Office Outlook. This will work with any Office program you open. The navigation is essentially the same for all of them.

After the program loads, click on "Tools" in the toolbar. From the drop down list, choose "Options" and this will open a menu box with several tabs. Choose the "User information" tab.

When the user information tab opens, fill in the text areas. In all of the programs you will have the option to fill in your name, initials and address. After filling in the text areas click on "OK" and the owner has been changed. While you will normally set your information once and never need to change it, in the event you sell the computer or are in some other way no longer responsible for the data in the computer, you should change the owner from yourself to the new owner.

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