How to Make a Mini Flag Stand for Small Flag

Updated February 21, 2017

Small flags are inexpensive and easy decorations for party tables or other seasonal events. Creating a mini-stand for a small flag is an easy project adults or children can undertake. By using air-hardening, or hardening, play clay or dough, you can ensure that your flag stand is the correct size and weight to support the mini flag. Air drying play clay lends itself well to such custom creations and cleans up well if you choose to use the flag stand while the play clay is still pliable.

Place a piece of newspaper on a flat surface and roll play clay into a golf ball-sized ball. Knead the play clay by squeezing the clay, making it soft and pliable and easy to form.

Insert the pole of the small flag into the top centre of the ball of play clay. Push the pole through the centre of the ball, but not through the bottom of the ball.

Press the ball of clay, with the flag inserted, onto the flat surface beneath the newspaper, slightly flattening the bottom of the ball so it is flat and no longer rolls. Be sure to press down evenly.

Allow the stand to air-dry 24 to 48 hours with the flagpole inside. You can paint the dried clay stand with acrylic or enamel paints. Or, for easier cleanup, use the flags and mini stands while the clay is pliable, and for cleanup simply remove the flag and put the clay back in whatever container it came in.


Make sure you use air drying, or hardening, clay. Many clays have to be baked in kilns or ovens in order to dry; and those clays will require you to remove the flag and flag pole from your stand. During the baking process the clay stand will shrink and your flagpole will no longer perfectly fit into the hole created, or it might not fit at all. There are many recipes that allow you to make your own play clay from common ingredients often found at home. This makes your mini stand project even more cost-effective.


Some clays are labelled non-hardening clay. This means the clay has chemical properties that will keep it pliable, and it will not harden or dry out. This type of clay is good for your mini-stand only if you wish to remove the clay stands after usage. You cannot paint non-hardening clay, so if you do use this clay, make sure you purchase the clay in the colour you wish your stand to be.

Things You'll Need

  • Air drying play clay or dough
  • Small flag
  • Newspaper
  • Acrylic or enamel paint (optional)
  • Paintbrush (optional)
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