How to Plan a Christian Women's Conference

Updated February 21, 2017

A Christian women's conference is a popular venue for religious women who want to strengthen their faith. At these extended meetings, women learn more about scripture and hear motivating stories from other women who have overcome various obstacles and life challenges. Women at these events meet other women of their faith and often make friends from different areas of the country or world.

Choose a date for your conference. Verify that the dates do not clash with local or federal holidays. Set the date on the church or ministry calendar and verify that everyone on staff is aware of the date.

Work up a budget for the conference. Decide how much you will budget for speakers' fees, facility rentals and refreshments.

Reserve the facility for the conference. Talk to facility managers about how many people the facility can hold.

Choose a theme for the conference based on scripture or a motivational Christian phrase.

Divide the costs among the expected number of people you want to reach. This is your registration fee. If the fee seems too large, consider cutting back on costs somewhere. Big fees can be a turn off for conference goers. Assign a treasurer to collect registration fees.

Make a list of speakers you would like to present at the conference. Invite the speakers to come or send letters of inquiry about availability and speaking fees. Select the speakers that best suit your needs.

Decide if you want music played at your conference. If so, hire the musicians or bands to play the worship music at the conference.

Decide on workshop topics, if any, your conference will offer guests. Assign teachers or speakers to the workshops. Make the workshop schedule.

Advertise the conference among Christian churches and on Christian television and radio. Advertise with online ads and seek ad placement on church websites. Add the conference information to your church newsletter and social networking sites.

Order or print registration forms to give to interested groups and individuals.

Compile a list of equipment you need for the conference. Include microphones, sound systems chairs and any visual projectors you may need.

Create a list of supplies volunteers may need, like pencils, name tags and lanyards.

Check the registration forms and count attendees regularly. Cut off registration when the venue is full.

Things You'll Need

  • Calendar
  • Notebook
  • Scripture
  • Calculator
  • Speaker contracts
  • Registration forms
  • Supplies
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