How to build a waterfall using a waterfall box

Updated February 21, 2017

Garden ponds are often the centre of a landscape design. They reflect the colours of the garden on their surface, they can provide a place to grow fish and aquatic plants that wouldn't normally grow in a terrestrial garden, and the even regulate the temperature of the garden around them. If done right, a garden pond or water element can take a good garden and make it extraordinary. For many pond owners, a great way to make their pond even more inviting is by adding a small waterfall, which is often created using a "waterfall box" or weir.

Position the waterfall box alongside your pond, in a place where you can easily run the piping from your pump up to the box.

Dig a hole next to the side of the pond big enough to hold the chamber of the waterfall box, and allow enough space to connect the tube from the pump to the inlet of the waterfall box.

Connect the tube from the pump to the waterfall box, and place the box in the hole. Make sure that the tube has enough room to flow into the box without getting kinked, and also make sure that the outflow of the box is lower than the back, so that the water definitely flows out. You may want to not have the box flow directly into the pond, but instead have it flow over a flat rock and into the pond for a more natural look.

Surround the box with flat rocks that match the decor of your pond, and cover it with the same sort of rock, if possible, making sure that the rocks won't fall into the chamber of the waterfall box. If necessary, plant around the box to conceal it further.

Things You'll Need

  • Waterfall box kit
  • Shovel
  • Large flat rocks
  • Submersible pond pump
  • Flexible tubing
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