How to Deregister for VAT

Updated February 21, 2017

Value-added tax (VAT) is a tax charged on business transactions in the United Kingdom. This tax extends to services imported from countries outside the European Union as well as local processes. A VAT tax charge applies when a company sells either to another business or to a nonbusiness customer. By registering with VAT, you can reclaim the charge on goods you provide and purchase. Deregister if you are discontinuing your business or do not want to reclaim the VAT paid.

Open the website for VAT registration cancellation on your computer (see Resource section for link).

Download the form "Application to cancel your VAT registration." Click on the link to begin the download.

Print the form out on your printer.

Fill out the required information on the form. Be sure to print legibly, use black ink and write in capital letters.

Send the form to your local VAT Deregistration Office. Call the phone number on the application page if you are unsure of the address.

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